KVAR CEO makes $5 million legal threat (and can’t spell)

Regarding a detailed analysis by Peter Parsons, who calls residential power factor correction a “scam,” KVAR CEO Steven Bruce Fish sends a blustering, ill-conceived legal threat loaded with spelling and grammar errors.


From: nlcpr_webmaster@nlcpr.com 

Date: Tue Jan 3, 2012 10:32 pm

Subject: Ridiculous e-mail from Mr Fish – start a thread on legal threats



Anyone that can’t spell the plurals of ‘universitys’ or ‘studys’, or the word ”empiracal” probably isn’t very smart.

>>>Original Post:

If any of you have advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and think that adding capacitors will result in savings large enough to pay for themselves, I’d love to hear about it. Remember, we are talking about home owners, and adding a fixed value capacitor so a leading power factor is possible.

I am working on an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering and have journal access … so fire away.

>>> 5 million dollar threat below


[Threat from Steven Bruce Fish in response:]


email = ceo@kvar.com

comments = we have conclusive proof and empiracal data that what you say is 100 percent wrong about the kvar energy controller for the home,we are providing your information to our legal team at casey ciklin .com and have retained legal counsel and phds in electrical engineering from two universitys that have done proper studys and feel this notice to your team to remove this from the internet is sufficient, if you fail to do so you will spend the next two years in court and we will seek to recover in excess of five million dollars in damages and you will be named personally also,thank you.